Postum is Dead??!??

This sucks. I just found out Postum, the delicious, instant, roasted
wheat bran beverage that makes an interesting substitute for coffee, has
been discontinued.. I love Postum. Granted, it was discontinued 2 years
ago and I just found out about it now but come on – I'm almost at the
end of my jar!!!  This same jar has lasted me almost two years.  It only takes 1/2 a teaspoon to make a tasty, toasty beverage and now that I'm almost out, so is the rest of the universe.  What will I drink now?

And I'm not the only one.  Teh internets are all in an uproar with detailed posts on finding acceptable substitutes, long message boards detailing pages of complaints to Kraft that have been ignored and even recipes on how to approximate your own Postum.

If anyone happens to stumble upon some Postum e-mail me and I'll reimburse you for the both Postum and the shipping and I'll send you a lovely thank you letter, maybe some scone mix or something sweet – you never know!

This is a cruel universe, taking away my Postum.  Cruel, cruel universe.


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