Book Review: Refashioned Bags: Upcycle Anything Into High-Style Handbags


And they do mean anything!  First things first, and this could just be me but that is a terrible project to feature on the cover.  The book is better than that cover project.  Look past it.

This book has some very cool little projects in it that I would be proud to wear.  The cover image is not one of them.  So, skip the cover and move to the interior!  The book is divided up into four major sections: Everyday Bags, Utility Bags, Shoppers & Totes and Small Bags and Clutches with a small section in the back devoted to fixing basic mistakes, techniques, various indicies, etc.

In the Everyday Bag section I love the idea of a “Cravat Carryall” – this would make an excellent small knitting project bag  – and all you need is 8 old neckties.  The Utility Bag section has the very adorable “Suit Messenger Bag” which would be very chic and business appropriate.  The Shoppers and Totes section – I love the “Boho Hobo”. And the last section has the very cute “Certian Curtain Clutch” which is beautiful and is easily something that you would find in a boutique for 85-120$.  Now there are dozens more patterns than the ones I’ve mentioned here, but these are my favorites!  All the patterns are illustrated and the directions are fairly easy to follow.

Bottom line though, and this could just be me, I don’t have these materials to spare in my closet.  This would be a book I take with me to Goodwill or a thrift store when looking for a fun weekend project.  The projects are all designed for the more fashion conscious among us and shouldn’t take more than a weekend (even if you are a slow sewer like me) to finish.

This is a great book for a young sewer who has a few chops (but not too many) and wants to make some cute bags on the cheap.

Title:  Refashioned Bags: Upcycle Anything Into High-Style Handbags

Author:  Faith & Justine Blakeney

ISBN#: 978-0-307-46088-2


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