Playing Catch-Up

Did I mention that the most excellent Rachael and I were having a not-so-secret swap this year?  We had to include a hand knit item (I requested a lacy scarf, she requested fingerless gloves), some yarn and assorted goodies totaling around 50$.  Of course we both went way overboard but it was totally worth it.

Here's some of the awesomeness that she sent me:


There is the lovely scarf (which I am wearing right now!), a super cute kit from Spool to make my own lunch sack, some gorgeous, gorgeous yarn, little samples of Soak, a delicious soy candle (not pictured b/c it is burning on my coffee table), some yummy, handmade soaps in fun flavors like Coconut Chai (mostly not pictured b/c I opened them and tried them out already) and even a bone for Quincy to chew on!  But the scarf is soooo perfect, a little lacy, not too fussy and in the perfect color!  Lovely – THANK YOU!!

She was even very good in not including candy or chocolate, as she knew my dr. has had me on a strict diet for the last month and the next few weeks (we're trying to determine if my high cholesterol is hereditary or not).

So, Rachael, it was PERFECT!!  Thank you.

And here's what I made for her, Transition Gloves:


These were really fun to knit and, once I figured out some very ambiguous wording in the pattern, they went quickly.  I think I might knit myself a pair next.  FUN!

There's more to come including pictures of the finished Christmas quilts!!


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