Christmas Quilt #1 – NO PEEKING BEA!

Bea is my mother in law.  She taught me how to quilt and gave me her old and fabulous Bernina which I love to pieces.  Therefore, she must receive some sort of sewn/quilted item at Christmas time.  Eventually this will be problematic for her as she is already swimming in quilts and she does not need anymore.  However, in the short term, I am making her quilts.  period.

Anyhoo, I made her a Christmas quilt this year.  I had some holiday fabric and I wanted to make her something that would remind her of her Christmases with us and the fun we have had/will have.  So, here it is – Bea's Christmas Quilt!!


I think it turned out really well – fun and cheerful and happy.  Its a happy quilt!


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