Christmas Quilt #2 – NO PEEKING MOM!

Leave it to my mother to send me a picture of a quilt she saw once while on a cruise through Alaska.

Also, leave it to her that said quilt was

    a. created by an Alaskan artist

    b. whose pattern for the quilt is only available at select Alaskan quilt shops

    c. who do not stock any of the fabric used in the pattern

    d. b/c the fabric is from past seasons and is currently out of print.


    e. my mother doesn't know the name/creator/style/etc of anything related to this quilt.

Unfortunately for me but quite fortunately for my mother, I am insane and info saavy and insane and did I mention insane and was able to track all of the above mentioned shenanigans down to make this:



wait for it



Ta-Da!  I know, lets just say its not my taste, but my mother sure better love it b/c  this is picture perfect!  I mean, seriously people!  I challenge you to do better!  BOO-YAH!


OK, enough gloating for one post.


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