Fastest Scarf Ever (part one)!

Hi.  Need an extraordinarily fast, late xmas, holiday or just random present for someone?

I suggest making them a keyholed, ruffle scarf.  It took me about 3 hours – THAT'S IT!

Start with 80 stitches.  K for 2-4 inches depending on how ruffled you want it.  K3tog for an entire row.  20 stitches remaining.  K till you want the keyhole.  Next row – K7, cast off 6, K7.  On the row after that, K7 cast on 6, K7.  K til its long enough.  Then when you want to start the ruffle again KFBF on each stitch for one row.  Now you're back to 80 stitches.  K for as long as your first ruffle was.  Cast off.  Booyah!

Size 10.5 Needles

Lion Brand Homespun Yarn (yes, that cheap, boucle stuff)


And she loved it!


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