Hello. How Are You? An Update.

Hi!  I've made some progress in the knitting department!  Having the flu and being bedridden for about a week will do that to you.  It was a great excuse to watch all of Wonderfalls (the greatest tv show that wasn't) and knit Berocco's Nimbus.  Well, knit most of Nimbus.  She's still sleeveless at the moment.  But I'm working on that, I promise.


Also I picked up some Northampton Bulky in the lovely Chestnut Heather colorway.

Why?  Well that's easy.  It's because I've gone mad and decided to knit a poncho.  Yes, a poncho.  I know, you're saying, "Gee Heather, Is it 2004 all over again?" and the answer to that is No, THANK CHRIST.  But I'm knitting a bloody poncho anyways.  This one in fact (picture ripped from the etsy site where you can buy the pattern.  see previous link):

Not too shabbs, eh?  It could work, i think.  And apparently I'm damn fool enough to try. 

I think grad school is frying my brain.  hmpf.


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