There Has Been Stuff!

Stuff in progress at least, which is good because its all stuff that I think will actually work. 

So, I decided to rip, rip, rip out my hourglass sweater because I had seen some results I didn't like and when I went over what I had started I realized that I was knitting it a size too large.  I tend to do that with sweaters, which is why I have yet to knit a really successful one.  I must learn to accept that I need to knit sweaters with some negative ease.  A 40" sweater will look like a sack on me and a 35" sweater will make me look like an ill-stuffed sausage or haggis.  All bad.  So after rip, rip, ripping and casting on for an EZ raglan (my first) from Knitting Without Tears with a 2×2 rib and then HATING how the yarn color looked in a 2×2 rib and then rip, rip, ripping some more, I finally have the beginnings of a rolled hem, EZ raglan – Huzzah!


I looove this yarn too.  This is Briar Rose Wistful in a custom color I treated myself to last year, two years ago maybe?  So my goals here are

  • to knit a sweater that fits and flatters
  • to knit a sweater that shows off this yummy yarn
  • to learn to knit an EZ sweater

I think I can do it.  So far, so good!

And there has been progress on Estelle.  I started Estelle last month and as school has been madness and I need to concentrate to knit lace, I haven't put in too much time on it.  But the lace part is almost finished, well more finished than not, so I have hope!


This yarn is also lovely though I hear it pills like a sonofabitch.  Its Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in Wine and its very soft and squishy.  Its also fairly lofty, which worries me in a sweater.  I don't need any extra bulk in my cardigan, if you know what I mean.  But I saw on Ravelry that someone who had similar concerns made a super cute short sleeved version of Estelle so I think I will follow her lead and bind off the sleeves with a little garter stitch.  Then I'll be good to go and BONUS – No sleeve knitting!  (I abhor knitting sleeves)

Classes end for the semester in 2.5 weeks and can I just say THANK CHRIST and I'm not even religious.  Holy Jeez was this the semester from hell!  There has been little posting to this here blog because there has been little doing anything else but homework.  But fear not, I have a lot of free time scheduled for this summer and a chunk of it will be devoted to blogging.  So all three of you will have plenty to read for the summer!

And now for a little closing cuteness!  Enjoy!


Awwwww…………..Lookit dat face!  He kills me!


3 thoughts on “There Has Been Stuff!

  1. I wasn’t satisfied with how sweaters fit me until I tried EZ’s “recipe” from Knitting Without Tears. That sweater fits perfectly. Good luck with yours! The yearn is gorgeous!

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