Look What I Can Do!

Voila!  A Bernina Cozy!


Ain't she a beaut!  Thanks to Spool and their excellent tutorial/pattern (Philly, I miss you).  I had to customize like the dickens as my Bernina ain't a skinny girl and I like a bit of structure to my cozy.  Of course I realized this after sewing her up most of the way and had to go back in and add heavy weight interfacing after the fact, but y'know, whatevs.  I like her!  I like her a lot!  She provided excellent distraction from the final paper I was supposed to be working on.  I found making the Bernina Cozy infinitely more satisfying.

Book reviews coming soon – I've got the new Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and One Ball Knits: Gifts all lined up and ready to go.  I just have to get through this last week of school.


3 thoughts on “Look What I Can Do!

  1. Thanks! Unfortunately right now Im too swamped with work to even let myself entertain the notion of becoming distracted. Good Lord when will grad school end??

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