Jil Eaton’s Knitting School


Look what I got in the mail the other day!  The book fairy has been especially nice to me and dropped off an advanced copy of Jil Eaton's Knitting School: The Complete Guide To Becoming A Confident Knitter. 

This is a great little knitting book for a beginner.  In this book, all the basics of knitting are covered in one of those obligatory "how to" first chapters, but then the patterns themselves add to the basics chapter, skill wise.  I love how the patterns progress in difficulty from the easy-peasy pom-pom scarf all the way up through pullovers and cardigans.  I wish I had had a knitting book like this when I first started out.  The patterns overall are very simple, easy to personalize and super utilitarian.  In theory, if you work your way through this book, you'll be quite the skilled knitter indeed!  The book officially goes on sale 8/24/10.

Here's a peek at some of the patterns I like best:




One thought on “Jil Eaton’s Knitting School

  1. hmmm, I seem to be off the knitting book review list, I didn’t get that email this quarter – can you send it to me? I can just respond back to whomever sent it to you.

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