Red Light Special, etc.

Knitting has been happening, but slowly, so slowly.  I’m working on Red Light Special by Jared Flood right now and I love color work!  (Sorry its a bit fuzzy, I really need a new camera)

This goes nicely with my new plan of only knitting small things that require a bit more attention, aka I am going to blow my brains out if I have to knit anymore stockinette after Estelle.  So I’m enjoying this a lot.  Next up may be a lace cowl….I’m not sure.

In non knitting related news, I’ve been busy.  I graduate in May so now is the time to get all career oriented up in the hizzy.  As such, I’ve been yammering on panels and securing internships for the Spring.  In the process I even found myself a part time job.  A very part time job, but viable work experience nonetheless – HUZZAH!


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