Did I mention the knitting?

Because there was knitting.  This whole time.  Not a lot of it.  Not by a long shot.  But certainly SOME.  Wanna see?

I finished Red Light Special and its awesome.  Seriously.  I’m super proud.

Red Light Special. Ain't he a beaute!
Aerial shot! Actually on human head!

And there’s more.  My head was freezing a few weeks ago when our sultry Charleston weather dropped down to the teens, so I whipped up a quickie hat out of scrap yarn.  It was touch and go at the end b/c I wasn’t sure I had enough, but I just made it!

Floppy Hat. Boo-Yah!

Finally, my current project is inspired by the success of Red Light Special.  I’m knitting my first pair of mittens and so far, so good!

Ain't they purty! After I saw the pattern, I couldn't NOT make them.

The pattern is called Isidora and its by SpillyJane.  Check out her blog and her etsy pattern shop.  They are all so LOVELY.  Also, the pattern calls for all of this gorgeous yarn from Sunday Knits.  So good!!


One thought on “Did I mention the knitting?

  1. Neato – you are such a super knitter! I’m still on washcloths 😦 but you definitely do well without instructions. Your Floppy Hat is definite proof – scraps? It looks professional.

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