And then there was Christmas…

Christmas was good.  Quiet, but after the last few months, quiet is very, very good.  Lots of tasty food was eaten (we made Mario Batali’s lasagna recipe sans meat) and presents were exchanged.  Josh loved his gifts, I loved mine.  Highlights include a Kindle (w00t!) and a new winter coat (which I desperately needed.  And the coat is purple.  This makes it extra, double good.

Wow. Is that mirror dirty or what? I blame the tiling.

From Mom and Dad we’re getting the gift of $$ towards a new couch.  Thanks to the huge sale at a local furniture store, we’re getting a new couch and, AND, I get a knitting chair.  This makes me (and my very sore hips) very, very happy.  Pictures forthcoming as its not delivered yet.  But soon.  And we bought an ottoman and pillows in preparation!

The couch is beige/cream so we want the pillows to POP!
Not very exciting, I know, I know. But as I haven't had an ottomon (or any foot resty type thing yet), I am thrilled. Its the little things, I tell ya.

How was your holiday and your new year?  Lets hope 2011 isn’t such the throat-punch that 2010 was, eh?


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