How Is It March?

Well its March.  That means February came and went.  And I totally missed it.  Darn you school and work1 and work2!  With so little free time its tough to justify an hour or two blargging when I could be out playing in the dirt!

Remember that square foot garden I tried to plant in the fall that was a total bust??  Well, I didn’t pull it up, I just let it hang out.  Just to see what would happen.  And also b/c I was too busy and cold over the winter to do anything with it.  Well, this is what happened:



Almost all of it is from the Fall, when it didn’t grow.  Maybe there wasn’t enough sun or it got too cold too quickly.  The only new things are some mint in the back and some broccoli in the front.  I was so pleased that the garden didn’t die, but in fact started growing again I thought what the heck – might as well go for it and plant some tomatoes and flowers too!




Happy Spring Everyone!!!


One thought on “How Is It March?

  1. You have growing things! Wow! The south, there is that whole WARMTH thing about it that I miss…

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