21 Day Vegan Kickstart!

Is anyone else doing this?


You can sign up for the challenge and beginning April 4th you get 21 days of e-mails with recipes and tips.

I just finished up doing 21 days based on Dr. Neil Barnard’s book:
21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health which is basically the same thing as the kickstart.

I had been feeling pretty not-so-good for awhile now and when I really thought about it, I realized it went all the way back to last year when the doc had me taking iron supplements for my anemia.  I started eating meat and taking iron and that just really, really messed my digestion way up.  Since then I kept up the meat intake and tried to find different iron supplements, even tried eating significantly more protein, but I just felt blah. I knew I needed a change.

SO I tried this book.  Its actually day 23 now and I feel so much better! I feel lighter, my digestion is almost back to normal, I’m sleeping better, my skin looks better, I get way less headaches, I feel like I’m handling stress better and I just feel…well…good.

What Barnard advocates, if you haven’t seen his show on PBS or gone to the PCRM website, is a low fat, healthy plant-based diet.  I emphasize the healthy bit b/c its so easy to be an unhealthy vegetarian/vegan these days, what with all of the highly processed meat substitutes out there (Morningstar Farms CornDogs, I’m lookin’ at you!). The book is great, its a gentle introduction to eating Vegan the right way and the recipes are really good.

Giving up meat has never been hard for me, but I had gotten pretty used to eating dairy, quite a lot of dairy.  A little cheese in this, greek yogurt in the morning, cottage cheese for a snack, the occasional Starbucks latte (and morning bun), etc. etc. It wasn’t good.  So the dairy thing – that’s tough.  But like I said, day 23 and I’m still sticking with it!  Soy lattes are pretty good, with the added bonus that you don’t need to add sugar as the soy is sweet enough on its own, Whole Soy & Co. makes good yogurt that’s dairy free and the cheese, well there’s no great substitute for cheese.  Just skip it.  Also almond milk is excellent (I prefer it to soymilk)!

Anyhoo, I highly recommend it!!  Its a good challenge and a great way to keep your eating habits in check.  Personally, I’m going to stay vegan for as long as I can.  But it would be a good “clense” of sorts for anyone really.  Check it out!


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