Still Alive

Wow!  If anyone ever tells you that its a good idea to participate in your graduation, have both sets of family visit, start a new job and attend a conference in the span of one week, punch that bastard in the mouth!  I am officially tired.

So, to recap:

  1. attended graduation in Columbia, SC (2 hours west).  I am now an official MLIS.
  2. Of course, my folks and J’s family came up and down (respectively) for the ceremony.  My folks stayed a couple of days, his family is staying for 12 days.
  3. I now have a really, real job in my MLIS field.  Digital archivist (or librarian), that’s me.  Though I’m actually doing more web/sys librarian kinda stuff in the short term.  Which is good as it all adds to the cv.
  4. CONTENTdm Users Group Southeast.  Made a lot of great contacts, got some good ideas.  Best quote of the conference (and I’m taking it slightly out of context): “Leave Your Nerd Alone”  I want that framed in my office and on many, many t-shirts.

So that’s where I’ve been.

In non-professional/family news (ie: hobby news), I got halfway through Buttercup and finally tried it on only to realize that it was huge and I had to frog it all.  But I have re-started it.  I will win this war, Buttercup.  You and me.  I’d post a picture, but I seem to have misplaced my camera cord.  Which is a shame really as I have been taking pictures to share….So you will just have to wait.  I’ve got some knit pics, some garden pics, some Quincy pics.  Lots of good stuff.  For another day, apparently.

Also, Portal 2 has been released and its AWESOME.  Go out and buy it.  Now.  You won’t be disappointed.  Its better then Portal and significantly longer.

Logo for Portal 2

Not kidding around here.  Definitely worth the money.  The main story line is very good and very funny and the co-op mode is excellent (still haven’t finished it yet).  AND new Jonathan Coulton song at the end!  BONUS!!

There was cooking – vegan spring rolls, vegan red curry rice noodles (OMG, so good) and yummy vegan baked goods abounded!

There has even been quilting!  But alas, no pics to share and no FOs anyways, so maybe you aren’t missing much.

Sorry for the picture-less post.  Its a bummer, but one I hope to rectify soon!


One thought on “Still Alive

  1. Scott is totally excited about portal, he wants us to play together, which I’m suspicious of b/c I usually get bored halfway thru games, but I’ll give a shot.

    When does life go back to normal? Soon?

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