So It’s Been A While….

Hi.  This should be anticipated by now but yet again I’ve disappeared off the face of the Earth for 6 months.  Sorry about that.  There were reasons (there always are).  Anyhoo, here I am.  In light of the New Year, I thought I would list a few general (and some specific) goals I have for 2014 (in no particular order).

  • Care less about things I can’t change or things that don’t really matter.  I am a genetic, pathological worrier and I need to cut that out.  Or at least cut back.
  • Simplify my freelance business.  Somehow, in my never-ending quest to be perfect I have dramatically overcomplicated the day to day operations of what is essentially a very simple business.  I need to simplify it so I can spend less time accounting and more time doing things I actually enjoy.  I hate accounting.
  • Make more things from scratch.  I am happiest when I am creating things.  That’s why I’m a digital librarian – I digitize and make accessible unique cultural heritage materials.  I like and believe in that.  But I need to make more things in my personal life too.
  • Give myself a break. I shouldn’t beat myself up if making something (a quilt, a painting, writing, this blog) becomes a chore and I don’t want to do it for a while.
  • Take another weekend photography class (preferably two).
  • PURGE!  Big purge of things we don’t need and then a bit of rearranging of the house.
  • Keep up the exercise – 4 gym days a week.

Let’s have a great year everyone!



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