Work is Hard.

It keeps me from doing fun things, like knitting and sewing and updating this blog.  And that is not very good indeed.  And for that, I am sorry.  But I’ve returned and I’ve brought pictures! J and I finally got a break and took a long weekend and buggered off to Asheville, NC.  We drank […]

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White Bean and Asiago Puree

This stuff is fantastic.  I know I might say that a lot, but I mean it.  We first had this at an amazing restaurant called Trattoria Lucca.  It was served as an accompaniment to fresh, warm, crusty bread.  They served it as a scoop on a plate with olive oil and cracked pepper on top.  […]

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Easy Baked Peaches and Cream

This is one of my favorite summer time desserts.  Its simple, its seasonal and its fantastically delicious.  Think warm peach pie and ice cream delicious (but without the added calories and extra work that pie crust adds). Ready?  If this isn’t already in your summer repertoire, you’ll be kicking yourself when you see how easy […]

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A Quickie: Quick Mixed Berry Jam

This is great.  Every time I have fruit going spare (think on the verge of mold, but not yet gone) I throw together a quick jam (at least that’s what I call it).  We bought HUGE containers of berries at Costco and just couldn’t get through them all before they started looking a bit squidgy.  […]

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Clotted Cream, a First Effort.

Did you know that it is quite easy to make your own clotted cream?  For those of you who don’t know, clotted cream is this lovely stuff that gets spread over your scones at tea.  It has the consistency of butter, but isn’t oily and good clotted cream is even a touch sweet (though not […]

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The Costco Experiment, part 1

Our credit union started offering this nifty software that shows you how you spend your money.  All you have to do is set up a few categories and check to make sure it is correctly categorizing everything and voila! You are all set.  I thought this would be fun.  Instead I learned that we spend […]

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Maybe I’m Late to the Party

But tell me you have been to Skinny Taste website!  Sunday is my day to grocery shop and cook (I cook all week long, but on Sundays I really work some things out int he kitchen, if you know what I mean) and lately, I check Skinny Taste first. Tons of very tasty recipes, all […]

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No Knead Bread

I make bread every Sunday.  Not fancy bread, but amazing bread.  I’m not bragging (because the recipe is sooo simple) but it turns out perfectly every time.  I know just about everyone and their mother has blogged about Mark Bittman’s No-Knead Bread, but it really is fantastic.  I’ve recently had a few people ask me […]

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